El Querandi dinner and tango show takes places inside an old mansion from the 1920’s. It is located in the historic city centre of San Telmo neighborhood. After being closed for 12 years, in 1992 it was carefully restored respecting the architecture from the early XXth century, with it’s art-deco facade, salomonic columns, chess floors, its coats of arms and it’s arches, it invites every guest to appreciate its warmth, pleasant and intimate atmosphere.

El Querandi offers an exquisite gastronomic menu with the most representative dishes of each region of the country accompanied with the renowned Argentine wines.

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Traditional MENU:

Starters: Argentine Antipasto (Argentina’s Central region) Cold cuts, liver paté, olives, aubergines pickled / Citric Salad  (Argentina’s Litoral region) Chicken, avocado, capers, oranges, assorted lettuces, citric vinaigrette and honey / Baked Creoled “Empanadas” (Patagonia, NOA & Cuyo regions) Lamb, tenderloin and chicken / Soup of the day  / “Humita Norteña”  (NOA region) Corn, onions, pepper, basil, dry tomato, garlic, olive oil / Regional Flavors Tasting  (NOA & Central region) Little lentils casseroles, carbonada & locro / Piadina de Chorizo (Central region) Sort of Taco with pork meat, Cherry, mix lettuce with chimichurri sauce.

Main Courses: “Morcilla’s Sorrentinos” in Pomodorina Sauce (NOA region) Filetto, leek, celery, tomato, basil, egg / Home made Tagliatellis from Cuyo (Cuyo region) Bacon, arugula, champignons and parmesan cheese. Filetto Sauce / Green Rissotto (Patagonia region) Spinach, rice, mushrooms, onions, cream, parmesan cheese / Catch of the day  (Patagonia region) mashed potatoes with gratin cream and mushrooms sauce / Pamplona de Ave (Central region) chicken thigh rolled with bacon, pepper, carrot, zucchini, onion, parmesan cheese with rice / Traditional Bife de Chorizo (Central region) grilled with skin-on potatoes and creole sauce / Typical Potatoe Pie (NOA region) Potatoe, tenderloin, champignons, cream, parmesan cheese, onion and peppers / Patagonian Casserole of Lamb and Mushrooms (Patagonia region) Tomatoes, carrots, aubergines, onions, pepper y papas / Boston Butt with Chimichurri crust (Cuyo region) served with mashed sweet potatoe, chesnuts and barbecue sauce.

Desserts: Caramel creme (Central region) / House pudding (Central region) milk, egg, flour, raisin, vanilla essence  / Traditional “Vigilante” (Cuyo region) dulce Membrillo – dulce de batata  and queso cremoso / Fruits salad (Central – Litoral region) peach, pineapple, apple, orange, pear, banana / “Chocotorta” (Central region) / Chocolate cookies, cream cheese and dulce de leche / Dulce de leche and nuts Bruleé (Central region) cream, milk, dulce de leche, eggs and sugar / Yerba Mate’s Tiramisu (Litoral region) sugar, egg, cream cheese, cream, yerba, marsala.

Beverages: Casa Montes wines, sodas, water & coffee.


VIP Menu:

Starters: Assorted cold cut platter (for two) prosciutto, salami, tybo cheese, gruyere olive oil, pate, pork cold meat, marinated aubergine / ½ Avocado Mexican Style (Sin T.A.C.C) - shrimp, celery, hearts of palm, and tabasco sauce / Tasting  “Empanadas” - lamb, ternderloin and chicken / Citric  Salad (Sin T.A.C.C) - Green leaves, chicken, avocado, orange slices and sweet cítric dressing / Season Salads  (three flavours) lettuce, tomato, arugula, carrots, radicheta, beetroot, chicory, onions, corn, celery / Tasting Argentinian Casserol - Lentil – Carbonada (loin) – Locro (bean and maize) / Fried muzzarela cheese sticks  / “Humita” Dish North Argentine - Corn, onions, red pepper, basil, dried tomato, garlic, olive oil / Soup of the Day / Spanish sausage in chunks - cherrys, leafs greens, BBQ sauce.

Main course: Blood Sausage “Sorrentinos - stuffed with blood sausage, apple, nuts, leek, green onions, tomato sauce, garlic, basil / Sauté Green Tagliatelis “Cuyano” - olive oil, mushrooms, tomato, dry tomato, arugula and parmessan / Green Risotto with Mushrooms - spinach, rice, mushrooms, onions, cream, parmessan cheese / Hake Roman Style - pumpkins and spinach mashed / Gratined Sole with champignones squids and champagne cream sauce / Grilled Salmon -with green leaves parmessan cheese /Chicken - ½ grilled chicken with lemon (Sin T.A.C.C) with potatoes, black olives and ciboulette / “Pamplona” Chicken - Onions, red pepper / Tenderloin Veal Filet “Don Alvaro” (Sin T.A.C.C) marinated with fine herbs and served with apanish potatoes / Beef Steak -grilled with cunia potatoes and BBQ sauce / Breaded Loin with three-coloured Puree / Homemade meat pie Cake with cream sauce  / Roast Pork “Bondiola” in Croquant BBQ sauce - served with mashed sweet potato / Lamb and mushrooms Casserole - tomatoes, carrots, aubergines, onions, red pepper and potatoes.

Desserts: Mousse Herbs “Yerba Mate” / Fruits Station Macedoine (Sin TA.C.C.) / Chocolate Cake Style Q / Tradicional Sweets Argentinian / Quince – sweet potato with chesse / Dulce de leche and nuts Brulee (Sin TA.C.C.) / 30 Sweet Homemade Bread Pudding - with dulce de leche and whipped cream / Caramel Crepe / Apple Crepe  with Ice Cream / Ice Cream Selection  (SinT.a.c.c.) - vanilla strawberries, chocolate, mint, caramel, lemon, cream.

Beverages: Casa Montes Reserve wines, sodas, water & coffee.


Dinner-Show schedule:

Pick up from hotel -  8:00 - 8:30 pm.

Dinner starts - 8:30 pm.

Show starts - 10:15 pm.

Show ends - 11:30 pm.


Consult us for wine tastings at El Querandi's "Cava" (wine cellar).


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Price Includes:

* Transfer in/out hotel (Regular transfer for traditional menu & private transfer for VIP menus) * Tango dinner & show * Dinner (Starter, main course & dessert) * Free drinks: White and red wine, soft drinks or beer, water and coffee or tea (Traditional menu: Casa Montes / VIP menu: Casa Montes Reserve)

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Please click "Send Inquiry" button on the right side of the page. We will contact you within the next 24 business hours.

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